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Shirael Music is based in

Melbourne, Australia

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Postal Address:
P.O.Box 1124 Elsternwick 3185 , Victoria, Australia

Telephone: 61 3 9509-2908

e-mail: music@shirael.com

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Company Proprietor:

Michelle Kramer

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Australian Business Number: ABN 58 328 503 513

Torah Pops Bereishis 2001 contains 19 All new original lyrics and Melodies, written by Michelle Kramer, who provides the vocals on all songs.  The children's voices are Tamar and Natan Kramer.

Torah Pops Shmot 2012 contains 14 All new original lyrics and melodies and includes songs for Pesach and Shavuot.

Company Name:  SHIRAEL MUSIC                         Est. 2001

Shira (Songs/ To Sing)  - El  (God)

The company has been named in memory of Shira Yael Kramer, may her neshoma continue to inspire the creation of Jewish music for children around the world.

Backing music and arrangement was done by Boyd Wilson of - WA.

About the Author

Michelle, was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, she and her family lived in Johannesburg, South Africa for a number of years. She married David in 1989 and they have been blessed with three children, Tamar, Natan and Reuven. 

In 1998 Michelle and her family moved to Perth, Western Australia

In 2004 Michelle and her family moved to Melbourne where they now reside.