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- Retail outlets in London,  Chicago & LA are reviewing the product as you read this !


Torah Pops Bereishis was launched on 6 November 2001 and is re-launched at Rosh Hashanah to Simchat Torah as we begin again at Bereishis.  How are YOU going to teach your children Bereishis this year?


Now Torah Pops Shmot is like nothing you've heard before, with a musical tour of Slavery to Freedom, through the exodus from Egypt, Giving of the Torah, this is a gift that will keep giving from learning the Parshiot through Pesach and Shavuot. Lots of valuable learnings for the kids all through song.


Did you see Michelle sing at the "Night of Creative Expression" - by Netivot Kollel and Perth Jewish Community, Ladies only fund raising concert, August 7 2002 & August 10 2003 ? 


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"Great teaching aid" Prominent Rabbi - New Jersey April-02
"Our children have enjoyed singing along... please tell me when Shmot is released" Teacher - Adelaide Aug 02
"Excellent - we must have a copy" - Head of Jewish studies, - Melbourne School April-02
"It's excellent, my kids loved it !"  Rabbi -  Perth Sep-01
"The older kids teased the younger ones for loving it, and then spent the rest of the day singing the songs !" Mother of 6,  Melbourne Sep-01
"Superb" Teacher - Perth Oct-01
"I did not expect such an amazing product, it's fantastic " Mother -Perth
"It's been playing continuously since I put it on - the kids love it" Friend - Perth
"It's new and modern and ideal for 21st century children - I am just so impressed" Audiologist & Mother of 3 - Perth.
"Carmel School Perth have used 3 songs from the Torah Pops Bereishit in the Prep end of year concert." - webmaster
I know the songs off by heart, my kids won't let me turn it off - Father of 3 & Teacher - Perth Nov 01.  (we've had dozens of these comments!)
Other expressions: "WOW", "Amazing", "Is that you Michelle ?", "This is a quality product",
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