New Jewish Children's Edutainment CD.... from Australia !

Michelle Kramer from Melbourne Australia has created a magical new musical CD for the young and the young at heart. NOW COVERING BOTH BEREISHIS & SHMOT...

The first exciting CD covered each parsha (portion or sedra) from the book of Genesis. NOW in the same format, Torah Pops Shmot is an exciting new CD that also takes a theme from each parsha (portion or sedra) in the book of Shmot and provides clear lyrics and fun music.  The cover also provides a convenient reference to the relevant portion (chapter and verse) in Shmot (Exodus) where the topic was taken from.

The songs use Torah terminology but the accompaning lyrics booklet provides a full glossary of terms to translate these words into contemporary English terminology.

Introducing a newly released children's torah cd with accompanying lyrics booklet.  

    Torah Pops - Bereishis (Genesis) is an all original 19 song cd . 

    Torah Pops - Shmot (Exodus) is an all original 16 song cd

            These are great educational products for parents and teachers.

Torah Pops - Bereishis tells the story of the creation of the world through to the story of Joseph in Egypt using catchy tunes and simple to learn lyrics. Buy direct or ask your local book store to ensure you have this CD in time for the reading of Bereishis. 

Torah Pops - Shmot tells the story of enslavement in Egypt through to Moshe growing up, plagues and exodus, followed by moving through the dessert and receiving the Torah until finally building the Mishkan (tabernacle) in the Dessert, using a new set of catchy tunes and simple to learn lyrics.

We look forward to releasing this CD in time for Shmot in December 2013, and certainly will then be available for Pesach and Shavuot.

Tired of the old Favourites ? Need new boost in teaching Torah to Children? Look no further !!!

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